New Moon Comic Con

Here are the videos of the New Moon Comic Con.

New Moon Comic Con part 1
New Moon Comic Con Part 2
New Moon Comic con Part 3
new moon comic con part 4
new moon comic con part 5
new moon comic con part 6

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The Messy Love Story!...**shock**

hey guys!
what the HECK is really happening with this 2! ok so Tabloids says they WERE a couple and then seperated coz of his REMEMBER ME co-star(emily de ravin). And now what? They're back 2gether?

[that makes me HAPPY, but are they really a couple when this started?]

source: ROBsessed

Oh the goddamn SEXY body

hey guys this is my first blog for today..I had some good-kinda-bad-day so I feel kinda exhausted. To kill the stress here's a SPECIAL picture of ROBert Pattinson in wet clothes.


I dont think ROB and her leading lady (Emily de Ravin) in ''REMEMBER ME'' movie has some kind of ''RELATION'' going between them. I still vote for the ROBSTEN(Robert and Kristen) love team.
And that brings me to this some kind of ''RUMOR'' his ''Twilight'' co-star Kristen Stewart is pregnant AND is said that ROB is the FATHER of this baby(ok when i read that I was SO shocked, I mean who wouldn't).
this ends my blog for today.
Time to get some sleep(it's past 12 am).